Your questions on rotator cuff repair

A local anesthesia will be administered under ultrasound control before the procedure in order to ensure per- and post-operative analgesia, which will be followed by a light general anesthesia to cover the surgical procedure.

The upper limb is immobilized for 6 weeks by a splint (elbow-to-body splint or abduction vest, depending on the retraction of the rupture). Resumption of “basic” everyday life will not be possible prior to 8 weeks after surgery. Rehabilitation should start as soon as possible and be maintained on a regular basis.

Hematoma and infection may occur following the procedure. Joint stiffness and delayed rehabilitation are possible if the patient suffers from retractive capsulitis following surgery. Small-sized recurrent ruptures of the cuff may occur in patients with marked joint rupture and tendon degeneration before surgery.