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Chirurgie de la tendinite

Pain from tendonitis does not always disappear following physiotherapy and medical treatments, even with new treatments like blast waves and intra-tendinous injections of platelet rich plasma (PRP).

When these treatments fail, surgery must be considered. Surgery’s purpose is to “clean” the tendon of injured fibers (which sometimes have calcifications).
During the procedure, we “comb” the tendon so as to remove lesions. The lancet separates tendon fibers into straps, which can be explored with more accuracy. The resulting scar tissue in the fibers will strengthen the tendon and facilitate recovery. I always finish the procedure using an in situ addition of platelet rich plasma coagulum (which contains growth factors).

This procedure requires 48 hours of hospitalization.


After surgery, the patient may need to wear a splint, depending on the severity of his injuries.
Rehabilitation will continue during tendon recovery, with emphasis on muscle work and stretching. Resumption of everyday life is usually possible 1 month after surgery. 

Resumption of sports depends on the evolution of pain and the type of sport. Sports can be resumed in the following order: swimming, biking, running, sports with locking and changes of direction, and impulse sports.
Patients usually have to wait 3 months.

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